Fast Response, Knowledgeable & Friendly Techs!

Since switching to DMS Technology Consultants, our issues have been resolved more quickly and accurately. When COVID forced us to work from home, they were able to quickly help our team get setup and working from home on short notice, which really impressed us. Their techs are friendly and pleasant to work with. We really like that the techs are knowledgeable about our systems, so we don't have to spend time explaining our systems or problems over and over, which helps get issues resolved faster. If you are looking for a new IT support company, I would recommend DMS Technology Consultants.

Alana Motsinger Office Manager
IBEW Local 252

Quick Reponses, Fast Resolutions!

We are very pleased with the service that DMS provides to us. The very first thing we noticed after signing up with DMS was their response times. They have consistently exceeded our expectations regarding response times and issue resolutions. Our experience has been positive from day one! We strongly recommend DMS to anyone who is interested in great IT services.

Doretha McDonald Office Manager
UA Local 190 Joint Training Center

Always Available & A Great Partner!

Since teaming up with DMS, we’ve been able to eliminate those technology related headaches that many businesses experience. DMS helped us improve our internal processes, which helped us provide better and faster services to our customers. We switched from internal IT support staff to DMS and very impressed with how much faster issues are resolved. If you are on the fence about DMS, I say go for it! DMS has been one of the best choices and changes we have made as it has allowed us to focus on our actual business operations as opposed to worrying about the technical things required to keep the business running.

Maddie Martin Office Manager
Sam’s Heating and AC.

An IT Partner that Truly Understands Our Business!

The services that DMS provides us with is truly comprehensive. They do not just fix things as they break, they look at the entire business and they take a proactive approach to keep our business up and running smoothly. Being able to call and reach someone who understands our business’ needs and how it works saves us time and helps get issue resolved much quicker.  If you are considering a new IT company, we recommend DMS because having a reliable team that you enjoy working eliminates the stress that comes with worrying about technology.

Judy Gripp President
Gripp Incorporated

Immediate Responses & Fast Resolutions!

The biggest benefit of being with DMS is their responsiveness. Regardless of the day or time, DMS responds almost immediately and resolves issues accurately and in a timely manner. Downtime is critical for us. By having DMS fully manage our systems, we can run our business systems without interruption. I recommend hiring DMS if you need a reliable and responsive IT team.

Anjali Dayal Managing Partner
McBreen, Kopko, & Dayal LLP

Great Service & Knowledgeable Staff!

Becoming a customer of DMS gave us the benefit of having a dedicated team of knowledgeable specialists available to us at all times. In our business, we need our computer systems functioning at maximum capacity. Down time equal lost revenue. We really appreciate the timely responses from DMS and their ability to keep our system up and running, despite any issues that may arise. Investing in DMS has been a huge benefit to our company.  As business owners, we appreciate the peace of mind we have that when a problem arises, it will be dealt with promptly and professionally.

Julie Kershner Office Manager
Hawk Enterprises of Elkhart, Inc.