Why Choose DMS Technology Consultants?

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DMS was founded by two network architects with over 35 years combined IT experience. We have worked in many industries across many countries. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience, we came together to bring affordable solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.  

Moses Lyons

Dakarai Breveard

Our philosophy is simple and to the point..

Customers First!

Here at DMS, there is nothing more important to us than providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to offer our clients technology solutions while keeping costs down. By providing you with only the services you need, we can effectively lower your I.T. costs while keeping your capital invested in your business.


Our technology professionals have over 35 years of combined IT experience. We utilize our knowledge and experience to provide solutions for today's always changing IT landscape.


DMS is not about sales, we are about SOLUTIONS. We've spent decades understanding and improving I.T. processes for businesses all over the world. We wanted to take that knowledge and experience and use it to help SMB’s reduce their I.T. costs while maximizing the reliability and performance of their existing systems.

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